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Check out where you are and where you’ll end up.
A bit of fun.
Remember when you were a kid and you thought that if you dug straight down through the earth you would come up in China. Well guess again. Chances are you’ll need your scuba gear because you’ll probably come up into water.


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Is it fair to implement a new tax on the services related to housing? The HST is going to increase the costs of not only the real estate commissions and lawyers fees when a home owner sells their home but the new tax is also going to be added to other services like hydro and heating fuels. Did we get a chance to vote on any of this? Of course not! But its going to happen on July 1st anyway. Please take a moment to listen to this presentation to better understand what we are in for.  


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Try and appraise this home!

Can this be right? Looks like the owners of these homes have a different idea as to what street appeal means.

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Unless one is a world traveller we never get to see the unique things out there. So here’s a quick world tour of strange and wonderful homes and buildings around the world. There’s even a few in Canda that I’ve never seen.  


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