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I Love My Garage

Its funny when I hear people say that they bought a garage and the house came with it. I was one of these people.

I had the house that we live in now listed for sale – it had a 24 x 30 two car detached garage behind the house at the back corner of the lot. The owners, friends of mine, wanted to sell and move to a larger home.

But one day I had arranged to stop by to talk about our sales activity. They had not arrived home yet, the garage door was up so I pulled up a lawn chair and waited. But the more I sat there, the more I realized that this was nice – I could live here.

Well guess what, we bought the garage 11 years ago and have been very comfortable in the house ever since.

I’ve built a few shelves to store our stuff, a shelf for the kayaks, made room to locate the tent trailer, a workbench for the fixits, a grinder to sharpen the tools, a place to do minor car repairs in comfort and even a place to pull out our lawn chairs and just relax.

I love my garage! If you don’t have one, you should get one.

P.S. As a Realtor – I sell garages… and all will probably come with a house attached! Let’s start looking today…

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We have a large covered front porch on our house.

On Saturday morning I took my steaming cup of coffee to the front porch and relaxed for a bit. What a beautiful day it’s going to be. There’s one neighbour out racking leaves,  another off to get his lottery ticket and in the distance someone has fired up their lawnmower. I could sit here all day!

Well I’m now stuffed after a delicious meal so let’s take our glass of wine out to the font porch. The warm breeze gently blows from the south and a few bees are buzzing around the flowers in the garden. The sun has just dipped below the trees and the sky glows a light red. It’s so peaceful I could sit here all evening!

A flash of lightning then a crack of thunder. It’s just started to rain. Out to the front porch we go to watch the light show. The air smells even fresher now. It’s so dark, no moon to be seen. Then another flash of lighting , the rain increases and the street fills with water rushing to the drains. I love watching a thunderstorm roll through. I could sit here all night!

If you don’t have a covered front porch then you need to get one.

P.S. I sell front porch’s – just give me a call and we’ll get you one of your own.

Earl Taylor – Broker

Coldwell Banker at Success Realty – Brokerage

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Sidewalks were made for pedestrians and roads were made for vehicles. Right?

Then why is it that people think they can ride their bicycles and skateboards on the sidewalk? Especially in areas were there is a lot of pedestrian traffic like those of a downtown shopping district.

Recently a friend of mine was hit by a speeding bicycle as she stepped out the front door of my office. Injuries were not serious but when you get hit and knocked to the ground, incur lots of scrapes and bruises and your shoes fly off, it’s definitely an injury.

So I sent a letter to the St Thomas City Council, the St Thomas Police and the St Thomas Chamber of Commerce. And I got a response.

City Council acknowledged my letter and referred the situation to the St Thomas Police who jumped all over the issue. Through the month of September, the Police Chief told me that 30 charges were laid against cyclists who were caught riding on the sidewalk – a $60 fine. The police have been instructed to watch for and stop cyclists, the city roads department are investigating the installation of warning signs and the bylaw officers are being trained to issue tickets as well.

As new streets are installed throughout the city, an eye to the installation of bike lanes should also be a high priority. If I was a parent with young children I would not want my kids riding on the road as they go and return from school because it’s simply too dangerous. So maybe a happy medium is required for such cases.

But teenagers and adults who ride and skateboard at high speeds in populated shopping districts like the downtown sidewalks of any city certainly deserve a hefty fine.

Thanks go out to all those who have helped make our sidewalks a little safer in downtown St Thomas!

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