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Thank you to the City of St Thomas and BFI Canada for the new “grey recycle bin” that was dumped in my driveway last week. Now I’ll actually have room for all of my recyclables and make recycling so much easier. Nothing but paper goods in the old blue bin and the new grey bin for plastics, tin, aluminum and glass.

But wait!   The only plastics that are acceptable in the grey bin are those marked with a #1 or a #2 recycling symbol. These include items like water and pop bottles, shampoo, laundry soap and fabric softener bottles and salad dressing type bottles.

But every day items such as ice cream, peanut butter, margarine, yogurt, ketchup, honey and mustard, which are a #4 or #5, are not recyclable. They are garbage!

Styrofoam, plastic packaging and even the new grey bins can not be recycled. They are garbage!

After sorting out my plastic recyclables, I had a total of 17 containers but only 6 met the #1 or #2 guideline and the rest are garbage. To add to the confusion, a tub of No-Name Sour Cream had a #2 lid and a #5 tub.

Do I sort it at home and hope that I’m doing the right thing? Or, do I throw everything in the grey bin and hope that, even though its contaminated, the whole lot doesn’t get thrown out as garbage.

Do I continue to recycle or not?



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